Over the last couple years, the horizon of Benton County has been drastically changed. Visitors and residents now see hundreds of wind turbines amongst the seas of corn and soybeans fields.

Benton County is home to the first wind farms in Indiana…

and among one of the largest single concentrated Wind Farms in the United States……620 so far!

Wind power, electricity generated by capturing the wind’s energy with modern wind turbines, is one of the lowest-cost, renewable electricity alternatives currently available. Wind power is a clean, domestic electricity resource that has seen a tremendous amount of growth and technology improvement over the past several years.

Utility-scale wind farms can provide rural areas with significant investment and offer farmers new sources of revenes by opening their land to new energy development, while at the same time allowing present farming activities to continue virtually unchanged.

Here in Benton County, the four current projects have had a significant impact on our local economy. Individual land owners will benefit for years from the annual lease payments they receive for their ground where the turbines are placed. The County as a whole has gained from the significant tax abatement payments and future tax revenue that the projects will provide.

As wind power technology improves, wholesale markets increase and green energy becomes more valuable, Indiana can maximize its wind resources by selling wind power into markets with higher electricity costs. This would allow wind producers to find the best markets without jeopardizing Indiana’s low electricity rates.

The Wind Tours are temporarily suspened. Please check back later for re-opening updates.

Most people are intrigued by the wind turbines and are very curious to learn more about them and the benefits associated with them. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “Can we take a tour?” and our answer is “Absolutely!” Please don’t hesitate to feed your curiosity with the following links:


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