Benton County Wind Farms — at A Glance

560 Turbines

988 Megawatts (MW)

The Price

The cost of a single turbine is just over $1.2 million per megawatt (MW)

To The Grid

Overhead utility lines pulled by helicopter cost approximately $1 million per mile.

How Much Power

The number of home powered by 1 turbine:

• 420 homes – GE 1.5 MW

• 462 homes – Vestas 1.65 MW

• 500 homes – RePower 2.0 MW

• 700 homes – Siemens 2.3 MW

• 700 homes – Clipper 2.5 MW

Just How Fast

The speed of the turbine’s blades at their tips is approximately 120 mph at 14rpm.

Lift This

The heaviest component of the wind turbine is the nacelle with the blades. For example, the Clipper is 2.5 MW, and weighs 158,000 pounds.


A turbines foundation consist of 377 yards of concrete (or 33 truckloads) and about 139 tons of rebar and mounting hardware, and are approximately 10’ deep and 60’ wide.

Facility & Turbine Specs
Inside of a turbine
Wind Turbine Close-up
Wind and Corn